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Britney Spears

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                                               Latest News

                       Too Chaotic?

              According to recent sources, Britney and Kevin's

 relationship hasn't been going very well. Most magazines are

 printing earsplitting words like "divorce" and as we all know by

 now, "freeloader". But what we really want to know, is the

 truth in all this. Weren't we under the impression from

 Britt and Kev's show, CHAOTIC , that they were in fact madly

 in love? Let's take a look at the alleged mishaps.

  • Britt takes multiple vacations to get away from Kevin,
    to see her family and show the baby, but without Kevin?
  • Kevin plans a vacation getaway to Las Vegas while Britney
  •  is away

  • Kevin goes out, parties, smokes pot, and is hardly being
  • a good father.

    Allegedly, Kevin is spending all of Britney's money. Which leads

    Kevin is being Considered a "freeloader", and has even
  • Been considered one by Britney's own mother!

 Is there a Divorce in the near future for Britney and Kevin? We'll

 just have to wait and see.




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