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Can my pet travel in the cabin with me?


Can I check my pet as baggage during the summer?

No. Delta has placed an embargo (a stoppage) on accepting pets as checked bags during hot weather. Extreme heat (85F or 29C) during the summer months can put animals in a life threatening situation onboard our aircraft.

How do I make arrangements for special assistance?

It's best to make your request when you book your ticket through Reservations. The more information you can provide our representatives when making your travel plans, the more we can help you. Our representatives will answer questions, discuss your specific needs, and alert you to special notifications and procedures.

What if I have mobility needs?

Our passenger service personnel are available to assist passengers with special needs in boarding, deplaning and connecting with your flights.

What if I require special seating on the aircraft?

Passengers with disabilities may be seated anywhere in their ticketed class of service for which they are qualified and in compliance with FAA safety regulations. You should ask your reservations representative or ticket agent about special seating accommodations if you are traveling with a service animal or an attendant who assists you with certain functions during flight, if you have a fused leg, if you need a seat with a movable aisle armrest, or if you use an aisle chair to reach your seat.

What if I have a service animal or an assistive device?

We welcome service animals that are trained to assist our passengers with mobility, sight, or hearing disabilities in the cabin on our flights.

What if I have a medical condition and/or need to travel with oxygen?

We may require a medical certificate explaining your health condition and the possible impact on other travelers. For example, if you have an infectious disease, Delta may require a medical certificate from your physician explaining that your disease is not communicable to other passengers during the normal course of a flight. Delta also requires a medical certificate authorizing the administration of oxygen or confirming that a medical condition would not necessitate extraordinary medical assistance during a flight.

What if I need to take medication at a certain time?

Passengers should always bring medication onboard in their carry-on baggage. Never put medicine in your checked baggage. Our airplanes do not have refrigerators onboard, so plan accordingly. If you use needles to inject medication, it is helpful to have a doctor's statement with you in case security officers have any questions. Our personnel will not be responsible for administering medication of any kind.

What if I have special dietary requirements?

We offer a variety of meals to comply with special dietary requirements on flights that have scheduled meal service. Advanced notice is required and you should ask about meal options when purchasing your ticket by phone. For example, we offer vegetarian, diabetic, low-sodium, and low-cholesterol meals on request.






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