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But, Hasn't he tried to kill himself before?

This is what we like to call the MILLION DOLLAR LIE. Supported by Courtney, mainly, and thrown out by several media sources are what they like to call "previous suicide attempts".

This lie includes the major fact that Kurt was suicidal. Kurt was NOT suicidal. The only time in Kurt's life that he was suicidal, was when he was experiencing the epitome of his troubles at home, and the epitome of his stomach condition. These were FAR before Kurt "committed suicide" And these points, being the most depressing points of his life, never led to suicide.

So, really, after all Kurt had went through with Nevermind (which was the height of his career) if he wanted to kill himself from not being able to stand the pressure anymore, would it not be during this time? In utero was the decline in Kurt's musical career.

Also, many of the people Kurt was around during the time of his death, have stated that HE DID NOT SEEM SUICIDAL! This includes his best friend, and his doctor in rehab.

So let's get down to the alleged "suicide attempts" that were actually documented.


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