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May 2, 1993

Drug Overdose

According to the police reports, Kurt had overdosed, and then Courtney had "come to the rescue". Apparently, when she found out he'd overdosed, she tried to revive him by injecting him with Buprenorphine, and force fed him valium, codeine based Tylenol, which also contains Acetaminophen, and benedryl.

The obvious question: Would all of these Drugs ACTUALLY revive Kurt?

Actually, they would do the EXACT opposite.

Buprenorphine is especially LETHAL when combined with Valium. Codeine is an Opiate. Courtney gave Kurt 4 pills (32 mg), which, undoubtedly added significantly to his total opiate threshold. Benedryl is an antihistamine, and is known to give negative complications when combined with other drugs.

The combination of these drugs would have ENDANGERED KURT'S LIFE!


March 4, 1994

The Rome incident

The Rome Incident is continually labeled by the media as a suicide attempt. IRREGARDLESS of the evidence that proves otherwise, and also, the fact that Kurt had said it was not a suicide attempt when he was alive. Even while Kurt was alive, Courtney had stated that Rome was "not like a suicide thing".

Based on what Courtney tells us, and what other's have said, IT appears Courtney was out late having a good time, while Kurt was alone in the hotel room. There was a lot of trouble in their marriage, a lot of fighting and so on, mainly about Kurt's drug usage, (although Courtney was also a heavy user) Why? Because the 9.3 million dollar Lollapalooza tour was coming up, and there was a lot of MONEY at stake! Kurt was being treated like a piece of meat.

To Kurt, all everyone seemed to care about was the money. Now alone, he would become angry. He would write Courtney a nasty letter telling her WHY HE WAS LEAVING HER (see second note)

But, Before Kurt Could leave, Say Courtney gets home and reads the note? A heated argument follows, and then Courtney sweet talks Kurt into staying. They make up. They Order champagne. They would bring the romance back into the relationship.

OR would they?

The very next morning Kurt was rushed to the hospital. He was in a coma after what was called an "accidental drug overdose".

The truth is, Kurt had apparently swallowed 50 Rohypnol pills chased with some champagne. Rohypnol , also known as "Rophies", or more commonly known as "THE DATE RAPE DRUG" is ten to twenty times the strength of Valium. Because of it's dangers, it is ILLEGAL in the United States.

What makes the use of this drug SO FISHY in this case, is it's affects. When dropped into drinks, just one 2 mg pill can incapacitate a victim, especially if the drink contains ALCOHOL. The drug has no taste or odor SO THE VICTIM HAS NO WAY OF KNOWING THE DRINK HAS BEEN TAMPERED WITH!

WHATS WORSE is one of the most dangerous features about this drug is it causes amnesia! The victim won't ever remember what happened while under the influence of this drug.




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