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The Missing Credit Card

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No Fingerprints?

The Million Dollar Lie

Previous Attempts?

The Second Note

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Now how exactly could Courtney have had Kurt Killed without someone to carry everything out?

Michael Dewitt, or "Cali" was one of Frances' Nannies and also a close friend to Kurt and Courtney- Who, might I add, Knew Courtney longer.

He was also a heroin buddy to Kurt that just so happened to live in their house.

Starting to come together yet?

Cali was at the house, Cali asks Kurt if he wants to do some heroin together. They go up to the greenhouse to do it for the view of the sunrise. They smoke some cigarettes and talk about deep stuff, about Courtney, about his plans to leave, anything.

Cali cooks up some heroin, and offers to do it for Kurt, since Kurt is squeamish. Cali puts too much heroin into Kurt. Kurt becomes heavily intoxicated. Cali holds Kurt down, and shoots him in the mouth. Cali takes Kurt's Credit card and takes off.

Make sense?


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