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Why Care About a Junkie?

Don't Believe Everything You Read!

The TRUTH About Courtney Love.

Kurt's Head NOT Blown Off!

"Suicide" Note Analyzation

Why Would Courtney Murder Kurt?

The Missing Credit Card

Too Drugged?

No Fingerprints?

The Million Dollar Lie

Previous Attempts?

The Second Note


Myths + Hoaxes

About Nirvana



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Spread the Word!

Here's what you can do to help raise awareness:

  • Sign the petition to get the case reopened (see Links section)

  • Make shirts, buttons and stickers with Kurt on it and a case website.

  • Make up a flyer with Tom Grants A FEW THINGS YOU WERE NEVER TOLD (found on his website) and pass it out everyone, post it, and put it on cars in parking lots.

  • Send letters to members of the Seattle Police department.

  • Even Just by word of mouth, you can convince people.

  • Buy Tom Grant's Case Manual To show to your friends!



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