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People of Importance


I never thought I'd ever meet someone who liked Nirvana as much as I do..haha. <3


My Starlet :]

That's my little beebee :] I've had her since December, and she's just a little puppy. She's a Cha-weenie, which is half chihuawa and half weenie dog :] She doesn't even bark yet, she just squeaks. She's the love of my life :D


Best friends forever. We know each other better than anyone else. 456 PACT!!



Buddies from middle school, Lot's of really great memories! Let's hope more to come! 456 Pact!



My Joey-butt is a gay lady and he's funner to shop with. So yeah.



Nick Is really cool, but he has no myspace because he's culturally retarded, soo..


I don't know If you have a myspace, but you are fun cause you talk to me and you walk around with me and you sit with me on the bus and we talk about Ipods and writing books. woah.


We rock at photoshop and poetry and we have some cool talks. You still have to fight off those bears, it's almost blackberry season again!

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