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I love all sorts of movies, old and new, and from all sorts of genre's. Even if I might be skeptical about a movie, I tend to see it before making an assumption.


Generally, I'm not too into National Lampoon movies (or similar) or stuff like the "scary movie" series. They tend to be dumb, not funny, and completely sexual based. Sorry, but I tend to see a movie for a little bit more than seeing 1000s pairs of breasts.

I'm also really hard to please as far as comedy.

Movies I DO like, however include:

Plain and simple, my favorite actor is Johnny Depp. Favorite actress is Dakota Fanning.

Favorite Movies

++The crow++

++Nightmare before Christmas++

++Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind++


++Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer++

++Animal Farm++

++Anything nirvana or Kurt related++

++Empire Records++

++Dazed and Confused++

++Big Fish++

++Edward Scissorhands++

++Sleepy Hollow++

++A lot Like Love++

++The Butterfly Effect++

++Sin City++




++ The Lion King++

++The Little Mermaid++

++The Rescuers++

++And so many more!!++


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