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I like SEVERAL bands from SEVERAL genre's. I like bands you probably hear on the radio every day, and yet, I also like bands you've probably never heard of in your life. I like bands from all countries, genders, races, and with different social standings. I like bands you probably love, and bands you probably loathe.


I love music.

It is my passion, and helps keep my sanity.

Like anyone else?



My all time favorite..


Nirvana not only appeals to me in every musical aspect, but is a concrete part of my history. One of the only connections to my childhood, and my parents being together, Nirvana will never move from this spot as my favorite. When I was but two (as my mother and father tell me) They used to sing the song "Come as you are" to me, almost lullaby-like, but instead of the infamous line "memoria" they would sing "Annmaria" (my real name is Ann Marie). I then picked up on it really quick, and began to sing the song as well.

Also, I've always loved the broad musical appeal to Nirvana. Nirvana has a song for almost every emotion you've ever felt, whether it be love, peace, sadness, happiness, or angst.


Daniel Johnston

I first heard Daniel's music after I heard the movie "the Devil and Daniel Johnston" was coming out. Alfy had shown me the trailer after finally discovering what an infamous shirt Kurt Cobain was wearing meant... It was one of Daniel's records! Kurt usually has excellent taste, so I decided to check Daniel out, and I fell in love!



I honestly don't remember how I discovered HIM, all I know is I fell in love with the music instantly. Romantic, and dark, it was exactly what I was looking for in music.


Sonic Youth

Another band turned on from Kurt Cobain, I automatically fell in love with their experimental, instrumental and over all different sound. They are amazing.


Bright Eyes

I discovered Bright eyes quite a bit ago, in the 6th grade, and have loved the music ever since. The music may be construed as odd, or over-emotional, but it hits a part of me that nothing else does. Amazing, and beautiful.



I actually just discovered this band recently, but their music has already hit home with me. It is a semi-unique sound, with just enough passion, but is over-all genuinely relaxing and calming.



Of course, my taste is definitely not limited to these.. Some others include:

++Marilyn Manson++
++Britney Spears (Newer Techno type)++
++Foo Fighters++
++Death Cab For Cutie++
++System of a Down (not the new album, bleh)++
++Rilo Kiley++
++The Beatles++
++Led Zepplin++
++Sex Pistols++
++Rob Zombie++
++Red Hot Chili Peppers++
++Van Halen++
++Blue Oyster Cult++
++David Bowie++
++Butthole Surfers++
++Gary Jules++
++The shins++
++The Postal Service++
++Black Eyed Peas++
++The Distillers++
++The White Stripes++
++Xiu Xiu++
++Yeah Yeah Yeahs++

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