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Here is just a taste of my writing..


Dating back to the beginning of creation, Man has slowly moved up the ladder of intelligence. From hunting and gathering to farming, from wood to stone to metal, all the way to electricity and spun back around to decode ancient secrets of the past.

Amongst this, and many other facts, there has always been the Organized Religion.

Religion has a basic and simple definition. It's a foundation for people to base their lives on, so they have an answer to the once and always pondered question of "what happens at death?"

Many people take a very naive and uneducated approach to religion. For example, Christianity is most certainly the most popular religion out there [ this is because the wide spread from Rome back in the early AD years ] This is most common in the United states of course. Many people who follow the Christian religion either A) Were raised with it B) It's the only religion they know or C) They have decided after much consideration that this religion suits them best after research and possible practice of others (this is RARE).

Many people of religion claim that they get "spoken to" OR of course the infamous " I have faith".

Now, I know that many people are religious, So I want to make this clear. I DO NOT DISCRIMINATE people of religion, or the religions themselves. I find religion fascinating. I respect your religion. It provides an interesting stories and STRONG MORAL. I have studied (not practiced) many religions, some of them Buddhism, Christianity, Catholicism and Hinduism. So, I am a very well educated atheist. I would like you to be open minded to what I'm saying, basically. Respect from both ends :]

In my opinion, organized religion is somewhat of a self assurance for people whom are afraid of death. It provides an alibi for people who are afraid of eternal nothingness. Think about it...

When comfort blinds you in the day-to-day, you'll get angry for some reason, maybe you got cut off, or put on, or you saw a small inch of reality for a slight second. Soon after everything hits you in the face, all the falseness, selfishness and the human nature. What we say to others, our actions, and what really goes on inside our minds. Everything that makes you feel happiness or lightness is just a small thing that happened to trigger a chemical inside your head. The chemical helps to keep you optimistic and blind you from the truth. Your parents DON'T really love you all of the time, your partner DOES look at other people (and think about them), Some of the music you listen to in reality is so ridiculous that in this period of reality you can't fathom why you would listen to such garbage. It goes on like etcetera, no matter how simple or complex, intelligent, or not nearly, until the chemical kicks in again, or you hit the refresh button (sleeping, meditation, whatever ritual) But at least you saw reality somehow.

But what is reality, really? Is this period of time reality, or is it just another chemical that gets triggered? Is it the battle of good and evil inside your mind? What is right, what is wrong? And what IS real?




I envy you..

Cracked dry lips form a smile

The color rises back into your cheeks

you've rid yourself of your burden..

your burden that is me.


The pain is leaking through my veins

it pollutes my organs

it spreads like a disease within me

until my face is touted grey

sickness rises in my throat


Can I feel your satisfaction?



A transparent sign of beware,

murderous and anxiety full.

Blood-thirsty and panic-striken.

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