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Dieting 101

Step by step on how to get the body you've DREAMED of!

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                           There are many aspects of what works and doesn't work, what to avoid, and what to do, and so on, in the diet world.

This website will walk you through many of those aspects, giving you a detailed analysis of certain food, exercises and ways of thinking you can add to your day to day to change you- for life!

                           One thing you must do before considering any kind of diet or exercise initiation is talking to your Doctor about it for restrictions and tips.

                           Before trying to commit yourself to such a thing as dieting, you must take the time to analyze the situation. How many pounds do you want to loose? How much muscle tone do you want to build? Are you going to be able to make a plan for life, or are you just going to be the typical dieter who gains back every pound they lost by giving up?

                          The fact is, healthiness and a beautiful toned body comes from the mindset that you are going to change the way you live, and the way you nourish yourself for the rest of your life! You simply cannot just diet to loose the pounds, and not carry on with a healthy lifestyle without gaining back the weight. Not only will you feel better about yourself, but you will obtain a healthier attitude, your skin will brighten and clear, your skin with tighten, and you'll feel ten years younger!

                          Many people think "well, if I change the way I eat for the rest of my LIFE then how will I get to enjoy all the fatty, sugary foods that I crave!" Many people think it is impossible to give these things up forever- and it is! But here's the secret: Have you ever seen advertisements on children's television about the food guide pyramid? The smallest little triangle on the top includes these sweets and fats. And you might say, well, If I'm following a healthy lifestyle, I'm not allowed such things. This is wrong! Following a healthy lifestyle does not mean you cannot on occasion have not so healthy foods. The trick is, to keep it in SEVERE moderation. The best way to do this, is to use it as a reward. If say, you loose two or three pounds the first week, treat yourself to a couple of cookies, or a doughnut, or maybe even a small meal of Chinese. This small treat will NOT ruin your diet and will not make you gain back all the weight you just lost.

                         You see, the problem that most people have, is they don't know when treat turns into disaster. A treat is  a small reward. It is, two or three cookies, not 6, 7,8 or the whole package! It is ONE doughnut, not 2, 3,4 or a half dozen!

It is a small bowl or cup of Chinese, not an all you can eat buffet!

Learning to restrict your portions is the first step to a healthier lifestyle!

Believe it or not, it's hardly ever LESS food. Its just healthier food, spread out to 5 meals instead of 2 or 3.

With this small amount of information in mind, please feel free to browse my site, to create the mindset of a healthier lifestyle, today!


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