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Healthy Food Descriptions


About Healthy Eating

Dieting FAQ



Healthy fruits and vegetables (of course, they're all healthy!) are inevitable. But the various kinds are good for certain things. Brightly and vividly colored (such as orange, red and yellow) are always vitamin rich and usually are good for specific things. Dark leafy green veggies are full of fiber and calcium. If you are cutting dairy out of your diet (which isn't recommended) make sure you get plenty of dark green veggies, such as Romaine lettuce.

Healthy grain foods are essential. The perfect description of a healthy grain product is something that is dark brown. The browner the bread the better the bread. Also choose something that is filled with visible whole grains( these look like little seeds and nuts)

Healthy meat is most definitely always lean and fresh. Always pick meat without skin and with little fat as possible.

Try to avoid pork!!! It has parasites!!

Always avoid things that seem too good to be true, such as, cake that say low sugar or low fat. These are still bad!

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