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Kurt Cobain's Head NOT blown off!!

(This page contains a gory picture. If you have a sensitive stomach, you might not want to visit this page)

A very very common misconception when people think about Kurt Cobain is the thought that he "blew his head off"!


I can not stress enough how untrue this is. So your thinking, "well, he used a shotgun!". Yes, indeed he did use a shotgun. He used a 20 gauge shotgun, which is slightly less powerful than a regular shotgun. It was set up for a light load, for HOME PROTECTION, so that it would not penetrate walls and hurt people on the other side.

In fact, many people are under the impression that the gun was bought FOR the suicide. Kurt bought this gun BEFORE he went to rehab! He told his friend, Dylan, that the police had taken all of his guns at home, and that he wanted a gun for HOME PROTECTION. Funny how  it works that way.

In this case, not only was his head not blown off, but there was NO EXIT WOUND! Kurt was completely recognizable. There was only a puddle of blood on the floor next to his head from seepage. Fingerprints were taken were only out of procedure.

Of course, wouldn't all of these facts have been released? Wouldn't Courtney, a loving mother of Cobain's daughter, and also a loving wife leave the details as they were, less gory and horrifying for her daughter to pick up later on? Or for the dignity of her husband? Or even to save his name from the obscene exploitation?

In the December 1994 issue of the Rolling Stone, Courtney comments "when you've had your husbands blood on your face, how can you write about it? When you walk around in the coat that he shot his head off in, how can you write?"

In another interview, Courtney starts crying hysterically as she talks about the idea of Frances ever seeing "a picture of him with his f****ing head blown off."

Knowing that Kurt's head was not blown off, why then would Courtney promote such an ugly, violent and gory image of her husband for not only the public, but for her daughter!? Why would she say something so untrue?


No one has exploited Kurt's death in any way like Courtney has. Case closed.

Some people say they have seen an autopsy photo circling around the internet. I will tell you right now, the only dead picture of Kurt that is released on the internet is this one:

And this one:

There is one very popular photo prank that has been circulating for years. THIS IS NOT KURT COBAIN!

Here is that photo:

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