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Don't Believe everything you READ!


  Coming from someone who has read several books, interviews, ect. about Kurt Cobain, one thing is easy to point out. There are SEVERAL contradictions along the way, which, in essence, means there are several fabrications.

Hey, it's easy to make something up about someone who's dead! He's not exactly here to tell anyone otherwise.

The best thing to do in a situation like this, is take in ALL opinions and then make your own opinions based upon what you have heard/read. The first thing you really should do, is get your hands on anything that has been directly made or said by Kurt. ie: Interviews, writings, ect. After the knowledge you have of his character, you will easily be able to distinguish what is the truth and what is a lie. For this case is filled with lies, fabrication, and untruth.

9 times out of ten, It's not even the Author doing the fabrication. It's the person they have interviewed. People plant stories, rumors, and all sorts of things about Kurt.

But I assure you, you will learn A LOT about sifting the truth in this website.


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