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The second note.

This would be, the note that Kurt gave Courtney in Rome. Courtney claimed AFTER Kurt was dead that there was a second note, and hadn't even told Grant about it while he was alive. Courtney claims it was underneath her pillow, in an envelop addressed to her, although this was impossible, because Tom Grant and Dylan Carlson had already checked there looking for drugs hidden in the hotel room.

Courtney even admits this note isn't really suicidal. And she quotes from the note:

"you know I love you, I love Frances, I'm so sorry."

"Please don't Follow me."

"I'll be There, I'll protect you."

"I don't know were I'm going, I just can't be here anymore."

Suicidal? We definitely know it's not. But what does it hint? THAT KURT WANTS TO LEAVE COURTNEY AND SEATTLE!

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