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The Missing Credit Card

There has been a lot of question circulating about Kurt's credit card that was missing from his wallet when his body was found. The card had been being used several days after Kurt was murdered. Courtney had this card canceled shortly after Kurt died, but before anyone knew, she insister to "better track down Kurt's whereabouts. This didn't make sense to Tom Grant, who assumed that his card would be better used if it was not canceled, that way they could find out where the money was being spent. but...

Since the card was being used after Kurt was dead, and was not found in his wallet, couldn't someone else be using it? Someone who had access to Kurt's wallet after he was already dead.

And wouldn't that someone who had done the dirty work need a payoff?

But also, wouldn't the person giving the payoff want to have a limit on the card's use?

Thus, the missing credit card is explained.


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