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 Courtney love has you wrapped around her pinky finger!




Why Care About a Junkie?

Believing Everything You Read.

The TRUTH About Courtney Love

Kurt's Head NOT Blown Off!

"Suicide" Note Analyzation

Why Would Courtney Murder Kurt?

The Missing Credit Card

Too Drugged?

The Million Dollar Lie

No Fingerprints?

Previous Attempts?

The Second Note


Myths + Hoaxes

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   This Website is NOT what you think it is.

I am not a conspiracy nut.

The truth is, All of the facts have been hidden from you.

This is not a website to bash Courtney Love.

This website is here to show you the truth.

Whether you choose to accept it,

Is entirely your choice.

Read through the logical explanations,


And Evidence,

And I assure you, you will feel very differently about this case.

-Anna Garofano: Webmaster



 This website created by Anna Garofano. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Last edited: 10-4-2006