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So, Why Would Courtney Want Kurt Killed?

The question in this case is almost always motive. I can't even count the amount of times people have asked me ,"well, why would Courtney Want to kill Kurt?" Well it just so happens that there are A LOT of reason why Courtney would want to kill Kurt, as opposed to Kurt wanting to die.


  • Courtney was facing a divorce. A few weeks before Kurt died, Courtney called up one of her attorney's to get the "meanest and most vicious" divorce lawyer she could find. Now, taken into consideration. If Courtney were to divorce Kurt, or say, IF KURT WERE TO DIVORCE COURTNEY, she would only get half of Kurt's money, at best.... But, say Kurt DIED before he got the chance to do that. As a widow, she would inherit the entire Cobain estate with much of the rights to Kurt's very popular band NIRVANA. Which also leads to...

  • Kurt around the time of expressing want to divorce Courtney, ALSO said to the same attorney  that he wanted to take Courtney out of his will. Now what would that leave Courtney with? So, Courtney figures, okay, he's got to go. He's in the way of my goals. He's leaving the music business. He's dropping out of the 9.3 million dollar lollapalooza tour. So she strategizes.. I've got to get him preoccupied so that I have time before he can get to his will. So what does she do? She gets together a "drug intervention" with many of Kurt's friends and family, and sends him off the rehab. Knowing the plan he has in mind, she keeps The main suspect, "cali" Michael Dewitt at their home in Seattle to wait for him. Cali, being one of Kurt's heroine buddies, injects Kurt with a little bit more heroin than kurt wanted to be injected with. And then, promptly shoots him in the mouth, and whipes the gun clean.

Just a theory? You'll begin to see how this "theory" makes more and more sense.

  • If Kurt was to die, the hype about him, and his music, would be even greater and sales would go up. And plus...

  • Courtney would gain more fame as "Kurt Cobain's tragically distraught widow". She would then OBTAIN Kurt's fame. Thinking to the Murder of John Lennon. John Lennon's murderer was a very deranged man who had read a book based on by killing a celebrity, you steal their fame. This had influenced that man so much, that he took the life of John Lennon. Courtney, after having Kurt killed, would then obtain his fame, only seeing as she was the closest to Kurt, his wife and of course "she loved him so" And with more fame, meant more record sales for Courtney's music as well as Kurt's.


It was quite simply, the perfect murder. Or was it?



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