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The TRUTH about Courtney Love

Like I stated on the home page, This website is not a website meant to bash Courtney Love. But there are a few things you should know about her before moving on to fully understand her position in the murder theory.

  • Many reporters and writer's describe Courtney as flamboyant, frivolous and provocative.

  • Courtney uses her Baby-doll appearance to get away with these things. And also to cover up.

  • Courtney has a multitude of psychological problems. She endured a rough childhood, including but not limited to being given acid at 4, and becoming a stripper at as early as 15.

  • Courtney is a master at manipulation to support her needs.

  • She can change her personality in an instant, and can cry on a whim.

  • Courtney admits to being a liar and an opportunist and is proud of her antics and the title given to her.

Tom Grant states his opinion about Courtney as " I found Courtney very intelligent. She's also a psychopath, a pathological liar and an opportunist who will use anyone and any situation to self-promote her ambitious goals of fame and fortune. The media may find Courtney as someone who is fascinating, but I see Courtney as a person who is dangerous."

How Does Tom Grant know about Courtney? How does he know anything about this case?

He was there.

Courtney hired Tom as a private investigator to "locate her husband."

You will see how this ties later on in the site.

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