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Myths + Hoaxes

A person named Bradley Barnett claims to have talked to Kurt in person near his Lake Washington home in Seattle a couple days before he was found dead. He has been exposed as a liar by Grant and others. In his
Case Study Manual, Tom Grant writes: "If you hear about some guy who claims to have interviewed Kurt Cobain in person at the Lake Washington house just days before he was found dead, beware, it simply is not true. I communicated with this jerk through e-mail. Using a pseudonym but eventually identifying himself as "Brad Barnett", he tripped right out of the gate and fell flat on his face. E-mails sent to me by Barnett, along with his postings on the internet, have proven his "interview story" was fabricated."

There was an error in the 1998 documentary film
Kurt & Courtney when director Nick Broomfield finds a British doctor named Colin Brewer to debunk the main point that Kurt could not have picked up the shotgun and shot himself after taking 225 mgs of heroin. This doctor showed slides of a patient standing on one leg who had apparently taken equivalent of over "twice" the amount taken by Kurt. The difference is this patient had taken methadone and not heroin. He also swallowed his dose. Kurt was injected with his heroin. Obviously injecting something directly into your bloodstream will have a more instant effect than swallowing. Also heroin is much stronger, much more toxic and much faster acting than methadone. Amazing that such a mistake made it to the final cut. Broomfield then uses this incorrect information as his reason to discount the murder theory. Tom Grant, who was prepared to drop his investigation if the findings were accurate, contacted the doctor. The doctor conceded that he wasn't licensed to administer heroin, so he could not have duplicated Cobain's dose if he wanted to. Some say that Broomfield realized his mistake later on, Grant also sent him a fax about it. However, the film was already completed and released. The damage had already been done. Tom Grant does not blame Broomfield for the error, even though it is very damaging to the credibility of the murder theory. "This is very complicated science. It's easy to get confused. That's why the police weren't able to pick up on it. You need someone looking at this evidence that has experience with heroin toxicity."

In one of the more ridiculous hoaxes, some reporters falsely claimed that the police found a "Dream Machine" in the Greenhouse with Kurt. Grant believes that when the truth began to surface about the circumstances around Kurt's death, Love concocted the "Dream Machine" story. Then she got a bunch of pawns that called themselves "Friends Understanding Kurt" or "Friends Of Kurt" depending on who you believe, and sent them out to get publicity for the story, and say that "the machine made him do it".

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