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Too Drugged?

When Kurt was found, his heroine blood level was 1.52 mg's per liter. This would require a minimum injection of 225 mg's of heroin, which is three times a lethal dose, EVEN FOR A HEAVY ADDICT! The drug diazepam (valium) was also found in Kurt's system, which is a sedative.

Puncture wounds were found in both arms, and both sleeves were rolled down.

Now, think about these facts for a minute.

Could Kurt ACTUALLY have enough time to unbutton and roll up his sleeves, shoot heroin in one arm, prepare more, shoot heroin in the other arm, roll down his sleeves and button them, pick up the shotgun, place it to the roof of his mouth and shoot? Wouldn't ALL THAT HEROIN injected DIRECTLY IN BOTH VEINS leave him almost immediately incapacitated or dysfunctional in seconds?


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